PlayFacial Fillers

Facial Fillers

By Pout
Hi everyone, have you ever wondered if facial fillers are right for you? I’m cosmetic nurse Megan, and today we’ll briefly discuss why fillers are used, and what to do before and after treatment.   Facial fillers can fill in wrinkles, folds, and hollows, shape and contour facial ...
PlayCaring for Lip Injections

Caring for Lip Injections

By Pout
Hi everyone, are you envious of Kylie Jenner’s perfect pout? I’m cosmetic nurse Megan, and today I’m going to share with you everything you need to know about lip injections. Let’s start!   Pre-care: 7 days before treatment, consider discontinuing Aspirin, Ibuprofen, St. John’s ...
PlayBotox Toronto

Botox Toronto

By Pout
Hi everyone, have you ever wondered if Botox is the right treatment for you? I’m cosmetic nurse Megan, and today I will take you through the who, what, where, when, how and why of Botox. Let’s start!   Who: Both women and men can benefit from Botox to prevent or diminish the ...
PlayBotox for Brides

Botox for Brides

By Pout
Hi everyone, have you ever wondered about how you can look extra fabulous on your special day? I’m cosmetic nurse Megan, and today we’re going to learn all about Botox for brides.   I will be answering the most common questions surrounding this topic, including: Why consider ...
PlayBotox What to Expect

Botox: What to Expect

By Pout
Hi everyone, have you ever wondered what to expect the first time you’re getting Botox? I’m cosmetic nurse Megan, and today ill be sharing with you everything you need to know about your first Botox treatment.   Step 1: Meet with your qualified medical practitioner to discuss ...

An Expert Botox Clinic Rejuvenates Your Appearance

By Sasha Skye
Whether it’s due to aging or perhaps poor health-related choices in our youth, our faces and bodies change and begin to show the tell-tale signs of just how long we’ve been around usually by the time we hit our 30’s. While it is not possible to stay young forever, it is certainly ...

Botox for Men in Toronto Increases Self-Confidence

By Sasha Skye
For generations, a rugged male physique and appearance has appealed to men and women alike and has helped define the standards of a presentable man. However, as times change, so do fashions and trends, and today’s world is often looking for a more polished visage if one wishes to ...

Utilizing Botox for Sweating Keeps Perspiration in Check

By Sasha Skye
There are a number of things that everyone’s body does that can be a little unpleasant to share in front of other people, but the inability to control sweat in problem areas tends to be the one that affects the most people and makes them the most self-conscious. Primary axillary hyperhidrosis, ...

The Use of Botox in Downtown Toronto Turns Back the Clock

By Sasha Skye
As the largest city in the country, Toronto is home to some of the finest clinics and practitioners of injectables you will find in Canada. This booming industry has given rise to new techniques, advanced products, and new technologies, allowing any citizen to enjoy the dramatic effects ...

The Best Lip Injectors in Toronto Create the Perfect Pout

By Sasha Skye
Beauty and what constitutes looking good are fickle things that often change at a moment’s notice and require us to get with the times or be left behind. Attributes such as hair colour, makeup style, clothing, accessories and even diets come and go so drastically that sometimes it’s ...

Best Lip Injections in Toronto Offer Safe, Lasting Results

By Sasha Skye
Best Lip Injections in Toronto   As we get older our skin changes through the loss of moisture and elasticity of the tissue. Generally the aging process is noticed first on the face- in particular around the mouth which is often the first feature many people look at. This loss ...

Try The Best Botox Clinic in Toronto For a Younger-Looking You

By Sasha Skye
Best Botox Clinic in Toronto   Whether you are considering a cosmetic procedure to create a noticeable difference in your looks or simply hoping to re-invigorate your face after the aging process begins to take hold, it is very important to choose the best Botox clinic in Toronto ...

Areas Which Benefit for Facial Fillers

By Sasha Skye
Areas for Facial Fillers   The face is easily the most exposed part of the body making it nearly impossible to hide the effects of aging and bad habits. Luckily, dermal-fillers are widely available and have been proven safe and effective over a long period of time. While it is ...

Prime Areas for Botox

By Sasha Skye
Areas for Botox   As we age our skin becomes thinner and begins to lose its natural elasticity. While some areas may benefit from the assistance of dermal fillers in the future, Botox (the common generic term for onabotulinumtoxinA.)  works by blocking the signals which ...

Where to Get Lip Injections in the Greater Toronto Area

By Glenna MacDougal
Where to Get Lip Injections in Toronto   Many of us long for fuller, more kissable lips. As we age, wrinkles around the lips appear and deepen, the corners of the lips may begin to droop, and the lips themselves tend to thin. This can make us look older, but it also sometimes ...


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